Mid-Atlantic Appraisal Consultants, Inc. is a New Jersey based valuation/consulting firm that is involved in commercial, industrial and "high end" residential real estate valuation.

Over the last 30 years our company has worked in conjunction with state certified appraisers and legal firms, to successfully reduce real estate taxes for our commercial, industrial, and high end residential clients in the Garden State.

Typical properties handled by our Firm are commercial retail and office buildings, warehouse and industrial manufacturing faculties, shopping centers, large homes, hotel/motels and apartment complexes.

We also handle specialized properties such as fitness facilities, bowling alleys, restaurant and banquet halls, truck terminals, golf courses, movie theaters, racetracks, petroleum and bulk storage facilities, and specialized manufacturing facilities.

We specialize in the property taxation field. Our primary services include the review, analysis and valuation of real property owned by various companies and corporations in New Jersey. Our emphasis is on securing equitable assessments, establishing initial and/or added assessments on new construction and negotiating equitable revaluation assessments.

MAC takes pride in implementing effective property tax maintenance systems for our clients. Our experts have extensive experience in Ad Valorem taxation and have set precedent in the Tax Court of New Jersey.