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INCREASING PROPERTY TAXES have become a major issue for all taxpayers in the state of New Jersey.

Real Estate taxes are likely the
Highest Expense incurred on a property.

Owners, and in most cases tenants HAVE THE RIGHT TO APPEAL AN ASSESSMENT even though the assessed value may appear to be much less then the property's market value.

Chapter 123, Laws of 1973, established a legal range of annual acceptable assessments levels (based on equalization ratios) for each municipality. As a result it has become INCREASINGLY IMPORTANT TO HAVE YOUR ASSESSMENTS REVIEWED ON AN ANNUAL BASIS since many share an unjustified portion of the municipality's tax burden.

Over the last 30 years our company has worked in conjunction with state certified appraisers and legal firms, to successfully reduce real estate taxes for our commercial, industrial, and high end residential clients in the Garden State.

Typical properties handled by our Firm are commercial retail and office buildings, warehouse and industrial manufacturing faculties, shopping centers, large homes, hotel/motels and apartment complexes.

We also handle specialized properties such as fitness facilities, bowling alleys, restaurant and banquet halls, truck terminals, golf courses, movie theaters, racetracks, petroleum and bulk storage facilities, nursing homes, and specialized manufacturing facilities.

We are pleased to offer you a NO COST REVIEW of your current assessment for your:

  • Commercial property
  • Industrial property
  • Multi Unit Residential (5 or more)
  • Residential (1 - 4 family with taxes above $17,000)
  • Vacant Land (taxes above $17,000)
  • Specialized Properties

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